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    THE BEST OF 2011
    January 9, 2012

  1. rae says:

    Really appreciate what y’all did

  2. maxhate says:

    Some BIG tunes here! Much appreciated!!!

  3. 32bose says:

    big tunes for 2011 the very best thanks word!!

  4. Milwaukeygbird says:

    Awesome!!!! Thumbs up to you guys

  5. marlon says:

    big mawwd krazy words cant describe….my only thing was to separate the genres … really appreciate the work ..

  6. John Blaze says:

    This pack made my morning i cant imagine how long it took to put together guys but you know i’ve been a fan forever couldn’t keep up with the forum cuz of my computer and last year was very ill but this site always kept my spirits high……blessings keep doing what yuhdong best site for music on the net

  7. mando says:

    very cool pack…some of d gr8 hit 4 real…will surely njy dese hits

  8. Hevar says:

    Please add Pack 15 and Pack 16 and more 😀

    – Staff Edit: We wish, but do you really need pack 15,16 ? lol. I think this is enough 🙂

  9. Suhas Karanth says:

    Could anybody put all these together and publish it in P2P? Would really appreciate…

    – Staff Edit: Sorry, we think it’s best to let fileshosters handle these large packs, for reliability purposes.

  10. Vincentv2 says:

    A huge pack from a huge team.

    Big up to all of U for this work !!!!

  11. G Money says:

    Thanks to all. This really helps the dj game. Blaw!!

  12. wilminha says:

    wowww u really did an amazing job guys u r amazing thanks for all u do for us out there i really appreciate itttt!!!

  13. jvm0wlp35 says:

    WOW!!! Thank you!!!

  14. Minaea says:

    thanks !!!! awesome !!!

  15. musikhead says:

    omg i love the list..even though i’ve never heard some of these songs…i still love it

  16. S Fraser says:

    Big thanks to y’all guy’s for these packs.

  17. N di rudy says:

    wow! thanks yall what you’ve done here is awesome….continue the good work god bless

  18. Alf says:

    Big thanks to you guys! Def party playlist right here

  19. Z says:

    thanksss, u guys are the best!!!

    i really appreciate all the work u do

  20. Dzee says:

    Supaaaaaaaaaaaa 🙂 Thanks

  21. Jayee says:

    Awsome job … crazyee piece of shit…

  22. Innocents says:

    This is Legen…DARY!!! Awesome work!! Thx a lot and continue like that u guys ROX!!!

  23. chilledoutman says:

    people this site is much appreciated many thanks.

  24. zera says:

    nice job guys. very good recompilation of the bes hits of 2011……. i appreciate the hard work that u guys do for the followers of this page!!!!!! thanks!!!!!!

  25. Evo8 says:

    great collection thanks for all the hard work being put in its greatly appreciated thanks again

  26. DJ STEV says:

    Great Collection. Big up to all of you who make it.

  27. woshiwo says:

    can u upload ,hulkshare

  28. twaunrepharlem says:

    Although I had been keepin up wit the posts all year I decided to DL this pack for a mix vinyl since I Dj as a hobby so much appreciated

  29. B.2.@ says:

    Nice one really love it.. keep it up guys…URBANMUSICDAILY FOREVER..YEAHHH

  30. kisala henry says:

    urbanmusic your are the best

  31. XIII says:

    I don’t think I can find a more comprehensive collection! Reading from workplace, too bad I can’t download all of these!

  32. DJ Skeet says:

    Stay on your grind….your guys are the best!!!!

  33. Toppcelebrity says:

    AMAZING!!! This how DJs like me can ‘be part of the hype’!

  34. mostwantedcrew says:

    This is great, real nice work, you guys always my first choice for music, no other site do things like this. thanks.

  35. subha says:

    Akon songs was amazing!

  36. You Know Who I Am says:

    One Word Says It All

  37. UKNOWWHOITIZ says:

    NICE… can yall make one torrentfile for this? again NICE!

  38. Yea Buddy says:

    my ears want to thank you but their a little busy. Much thanks yall rock

  39. Yea Buddy says:

    quick everyone before SOPA hears about this download
    by the way yall rock

  40. Chris says:

    Yeah, pretty amazing work bringing together all this tracks. Thanks for the upload too.

  41. DJ SYDRA CEE says:


  42. McWeezzy says:

    you em Dee ! the Best ! 😉

  43. Amir says:

    This is absolutely Amazing! But I would love it even more if I could listen to the songs before downloading them..

  44. Yan says:

    I really appreciated the work you guys did
    thanks , awesome job!
    I just think that you should upload all the parts together in only one file

    ps: I cant download the first part

  45. olrac says:

    Thanks guys for these wonderful compilation!!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  46. leandrobsb says:

    Really! good! thank’s a lot!

  47. Kris says:

    can someone re-up part 1, the file is no longer available

    Thanks in advance

  48. Frederick says:

    OMG,nice list !

    / from brazil,hello world !

  49. lazia says:

    simply the best!

  50. mando says:

    awesome!! alot of great artist/songs

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