During our existence, we have grown at an exponential rate. Our promotional services have given artists the chance to succeed. We have a lot of users accessing our site daily (most of them include Talent Scouts, DJ’s, producers, songwriters), this shows that UrbanMusicDaily maybe the perfect fan base for upcoming talents.

So what can we do for you ?
Well we can:
• Feature your song(s) on our site.
• We’ll build an official artist page for you (Example Artist :::: Devyn Rose).
• Distribute your songs through video sites, P2P & Social networks.
• Give you exposure (therefore increasing the chances of being contacted by a DJ/Producer/Songwriter etc, that visits our site.)

So what is the cost for this service ?
This service is free, this is because we focus on promoting new & upcoming talent to a global audience.

Okay then, what should I include in the email?
Well when contacting us for music submission, you can include:
• Song(s) – You can send us a link to your song(s) where we can listen to it.
• Link To Your Profile – For example, eg. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, SoundCloud, etc…

To apply for promotion, please contact us by following the link below:

Remember, we have a small print for this service:
Unfortunatley, due the amount of submissions we get, it is really not possible to promote everyone. So we’re kind of strict about who gets promoted on our site. Our team has to review your talent such as lyrics, vocals, production & other things. Being disapproved does not mean, you’re not up to standard, the reason is because maybe it is better for us to promote you when you have improved.

Some examples of our Promotional Roster...